December 2021 Rainbow Crate: an LGBTQ Book Club

Another late post for the fantastic Rainbow Crate book box, but I just have to keep sharing these fantastic offerings. If you’ve always wanted a subscription box that caters to showcasing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer stories, here it is.

I’m stating up front I have no affiliation with the company, and I’m sharing this of my own choosing. I buy my own boxes. This will be the last blog post of Rainbow Crate reveals. Any future showcases will be on my Instagram account.

The Midnight Girls print copy and autograph by Alicia Jasinska
The Midnight Girls by Alicia Jasinska

The Rainbow Crate book box subscription is the brain child of Jamie and Danielle. You can read more about them here, as well as meet the rest of the crew.

What’s in this monthly book box? You get TWO books from two different authors. One ebook, and one print book. A newsletter, and a smattering of other awesome content and goodies.

Below is the slide show of what’s in the box.

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