Who is The Demon Lord of California?

The Demon Lord of California is the first book of an urban fantasy with romantic elements–or a romantic urban fantasy/paranormal if you will. The series is called Infinity 8 and it begins in the year 1900, in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can read about the series in my last blog post, called A Queer Urban Fantasy that Spans 100 years.

Besides the biggie tropes like slow burn, cinnamon roll, hidden worlds, and hurt/comfort are a few more:

  • duty to family
  • second chance
  • found family
  • protector
  • hybrids
  • the baker and the billionaire

Agustin Chavez de la Cruz is Lord California. He’s a workaholic with numerous responsibilities.

He’s sleep deprived. He doesn’t know the meaning of, and his highly allergic to, the concepts of enjoyment and relaxation. Because he’s running away from something he can’t have.

A noble by birth, Agustin strives to remain worthy of the position of Demon Lord of California–a responsibility handed down to him by his mother. And his father? Well, Harper is an angel, and founder and head of the angelic Infinity Corporation. That’s another reason Agustin surrounds himself with work. Because he’s also expected to take over the family business created to protect humanity.

So time isn’t something to waste when so many people–including Agustin’s Infinity 8 team–look to him for guidance, and to keep order.

Agustin in his true form

But that doesn’t mean Agustin lacks a sense of humor. His estate is affectionately known as Demonym, and is located in the foothills above Redwood City, in the northern Santa Cruz Mountain range. It’s this humor that gives him the strength to endure the fear and judgement of strangers when they notice his two different colored eyes. Born with the condition known as heterochromia, it often meant he was left on his own as a child, even among demon society.

Agustin is the level-headed counterpart to Calico’s fussy and whimsical nature. With this energy sizzling between the pair, how long will it take for things to combust? Even when Calico insists upon obtaining a proper chaperone?

Card art: K. Koji. Full body art: egoNorainu, cover header: JoOhnson

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