Introducing Infinity 8: A Queer Urban Fantasy Series that Spans Over 100 Years

Angels, demons, and phoenix: paranormal beings for a paranormal story! Found family. A most treasured cinnamon roll. Hidden worlds and hurt/comfort. These are the foundational tropes woven through the framework of this upcoming romantic fantasy series. But it’s not all of them. Some tropes will be fleeting, while others may hang around a bit longer. But it will forever be the first four explored and expanded upon.

Calico Winghorse is the sweetest of cinnamon rolls, the God of Space and Time, and a fiery white phoenix wrapped in human form. He fled his homeworld through an inter-dimensional portal to escape his cursed great-grandfather. Landing on Earth in the year 1900, he opens a bakery and nurses his wounds. But it doesn’t help that sometimes, his psychic injuries throw his fuzzy thoughts into the future timeline. His future, with Agustín!

Our other protagonist is Agustin Chavez de la Cruz. The Demon Lord of California and heir to the angelic (IC) Infinity Corporation. Agustin buries himself in work in order to forget love lost. But his next assignment unwillingly draws Calico into IC politics, even as he tries to shield him from it.

Calico Acanthus Winghorse
Agustín Chavez de la Cruz

Then we have Harper, an angel originally from Heaven, and the head of IC. Harper’s duty is to keep the otherworldly Amaranth Empire from harvesting anymore of Earth’s citizens. Calico’s portal is a shattering liability, especially since Calico refuses to sell or share its control. Especially since the empire has their eye on it. That means Harper will do whatever it takes to keep the gateway safe, no matter the cost to anything, or anyone else. Which includes sacrificing his relationship with Agustin, his own son.

Book 1 of the series is The Demon Lord of California. It’s most definitely “Cal and Gus’s meet cute” with a dose of hurt/comfort as negotiations for Calico’s portal get under way. Book 2 will keep going where book 1 left off. And book 3? That’s going to be a very interesting surprise!

The series itself will be split into two parts. The first half takes place in the 19th century before moving into modern day. Familiar faces from the earlier books will show up, but so will new characters. Calico and Agustin will be there, through love and conflict as the question arises: How long will it take to fan the flames and enrage a phoenix? Start counting.

Next week: Agustin, The Demon Lord of California!

*Character art by JoOhnson.

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