October Rainbow Crate: an LGBT Book Club

Queer books? YES! Queer fantasy books? Double yes! An actual LGBT fantasy book club subscription? The angels are singing. I. Have. Been. Waiting. For. Something. Like. This. Forever.

Greetings! This is my first go around of subscribing to a book crate. What’s a book crate? Well, it’s where once a month or so, you get a book sent to you in the mail. But these new book crates are different from those book clubs back in the 80s and 90s where you just get a hardcover in the mail. Remember those? Those memberships were nothing like a bookcrate. And bookcrates of all genres have been going on for the last ten years, at least.

With a bookcrate, you get a great book to read. And loot. (Cackling and rubbing my hands like a villain.) I’m talking about a variety of goodies. It could be a coffee mug. Samples of tea. Notepads, stickers, magnets, and all sorts of other tidbits that enhance the experience. Each crate will be different. Below, you’ll see what I got in mine. October’s theme for Rainbow Crate was Dark Academia.

October’s Rainbow Crate

Rainbow Crate was created by Jamie and Danielle sometime between 2019 and 2021. They couldn’t find a book box that focused on LGBT characters and stories, so they made their own. And I’m so glad they did. With the popularity of their book crates, there is a waiting list! Subscribe and follow the instructions on their website to get on it. It is so worth the wait!

What I got in my October box:

The main event: Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo. The author describes the story as a “southern gothic run through the mangle with contemporary academia, queer masculinity, and fast cars.” Sounds exciting!

Loot highlights: An awesome mug for tea sporting an Emily Dickinson quote. Queer friendly magnetic poetry. A reusable pocket notebook with cloth and specialty pen. And a #PRIDE floppy magnet.

Also included is a letter from the author, and a newsletter. The newsletter will keep you up to date on other queer book releases, playlists, and interactions via Rainbowcrate’s social media. Visit their FB (Meta) page at: @Rainbowcratebookbox for more information.

Onward to reading! I’m eager for November’s theme, Magic in the Air!

Have you heard of Rainbow Crate before? Would you consider checking them out? What are your favorite queer fantasy novels? Share in the comments and maybe find a new favorite book!

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